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Direct Mail Pizza Menus For Football Games and Other Sports Events

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Whether you own a small pizza business or have several locations in your area, you have something that even the big chains can’t compete with. You know your market and have the ability to focus on local sporting events when running advertising campaigns. Direct mailing pizza menus for football games and other sports events in your area generate will massive sales and also keep you in the spotlight as the “go-to-spot” for the big game!

Timing is Everything

Before you even think about how you are going to advertise, and what specials or promos you are going to run on your direct mail pizza menus, the first thing to do is get your hands on a calendar of events in your market area. Just prior to the beginning of each season any given sport at your local schools and universities, specific games with locations will be posted (i.e. home or away). Once you know when and where those games will be held, it is time to sit down to plan direct mail pizza menus to generate sales during those events. The same idea applies to national sports events such as NFL, NBA, or big soccer games. Timing is everything and your menu mailers will need to go out just prior to major sporting events to get the full benefit.

Support Your Home Team – Game Night Specials

One effective use of direct mail pizza menus is to include specials and coupon that are only redeemable on game nights. Some pizza restaurants offer special promotions that can be redeemed if the home team wins, while other pizza shops offer discounts when ticket stubs to the games are provided after the event on game night. Many owners support local teams and a portion of the profit on game nights goes to supporting home teams. Use your direct mail pizza menus to advertise that! Parents and students alike are proud of their home teams, and statistics have proven that they are more likely to patronize businesses that support the home team.

Bulk Discounts for Home Games

Another way to generate massive sales with direct mail pizza menus is to advertise special deals when ordering bulk on game nights. Many parents who run concession stands at home games order two or more dozen pizzas to be sold by the slice to raise money for the team. Those pizzas generally come from the big chains because they offer a discount when ordering in bulk. Maybe you can’t provide quite the same discount that those large corporations can offer, but you can provide much better pizza (which will sell more!) and you can support the home team at the same time. Other successful marketing techniques would include special pricing for after-game or tail-gating parties when ordering a certain quantity pre-established on your menu.

The key to success is to plan direct mail pizza menus with promotions, coupons, and specials just prior to major sporting events in your market area. The ‘big guys’ can’t do that because there are just too many schools and universities to keep up with around the country and they have to get corporate approval for almost all advertisements. By taking advantage of your market knowledge, you can own your local area with very little effort. And, you don’t even need to try to remember to get your mailings out on time! Professional printers can have those mailings scheduled for you and often that pizza menu or flyer can be mailed for less than the price of a postage stamp. Use football and other sports events to keep your name in the spotlight, plus it’s fun!

Chris Barr is a marketing professional and graduate of Christopher Newport University. His areas of expertise include direct mail, internet marketing, copy writing, SEO, and new business development. Chris currently serves as Marketing Director for Taradel LLC in Richmond, VA.

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Duffel Bags And Other Sports Bags: Choosing The Fabric That’s Best For You

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As you search for a duffel bag that meets your requirements, you likely have come across some terminology such as 200D, 600D, or something similar. You may be wondering what these terms mean as they relate to the features of a particular duffel bag. Well, here are some quick answers to some questions you may have about material used in making duffel bags and other sports and gym bags.


What materials are the most commonly-used for duffel bags, gym bags, and other sports bags?


The materials most commonly used in making duffel bags include 200D, 600D, and 1000D. Those numbers may not mean much to you, so I’ll fill you in on what they mean. Generally, the higher the number before the D, the higher the quality and durability in the fabric used to make the duffel bag.

200D Fabric: This is lightweight, 100% nylon fabric coated with a polyurethane backing. Duffel bags made from this fabric are the least waterproof. They are the cheapest bags available as well.

600D Fabric: This is possibly the most commonly used fabric for making duffel bags. It is a heavy-duty fabric with a vinyl backing. Although not completely waterproof, this kind of bag is water resistant enough to be used for most typical athletic activities, such as going to the gym or a night at the field, even during wet conditions.

1000D Fabric: This fabric is a very durable 100% nylon with polyurethane backing. Its properties excel 200D and 600D (waterproof, durability, etc.).

Mesh: Bags labeled as mesh are generally made of 100% heavy-duty nylon. This kind of material is often used to make wet pockets on bags or water bottle pockets. The holes in regular mesh are smaller than jersey mesh.

Jersey Mesh: This kind of mesh is not as durable as normal mesh bags. It has larger holes. This mesh type is often referred to as porthole mesh. These bags are usually used as equipment bags. For instance, football teams use mesh bags to carry all their pads, helmets, cleats and other equipment.


Does the kind of material used in making a duffel bag or gym bag have any impact on whether I can have the bags embroidered?


The type of material used can affect what embellishment (embroidery, screen printing, etc.) can be done on a duffel bag. Sometimes the properties of the material can be affected by doing embroidery. For instance, embroidering a bag affects how waterproof it is in the areas where the stitching has been done.

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